Fantasy Racers – Singapore

Not the best of races as described in my Driver Consistency Post, but a good win for Hamilton and the Brawns managed to make the most of a bad weekend, while the Red Bulls didn’t!

Driver Scores

But how does that translate into the Fantasy Racers scores?  Let’s have a look at the driver scores from the Grand Prix today. By the way, for more information on my calculation methods, please visit my page on Fantasy Racers Explained


This pretty much mirrors the race order, except Alonso who got the fastest lap and so ends up in second instead of Glock (sorry RG!).  A bad day for you if you had ALG, BUE, WEB, SUT or GRO in your team (I have Sutil :( )…

Championship scores

How is the championship going?  Let’s have a look at the scores:


Button has a big lead and it’s unlikely he’ll be caught now, but it is still possible… (Art imitating life or what ;) ).  Not much change from the last race, the same drivers are in the top 10 but some of the drivers swapped places.  Hamilton gained two places and the most points, Glock and Alonso gained the most ground, while Heidfeld and Webber were the biggest losers…

Average Points Per Race


Top two are the same as the last race, except Vettel is now third after Webber retired.  Rosberg drops a few places after his ‘silly mistake’ today, and Hamilton gains a few places after winning today.  Grosjean has had a rotten time of late – and so far is still 8 points behind Piquet on average.

Points Per Million


Fisichella-Rosberg-Barrichello are still your best value for money – with the three guys starting mid-season being the least value.  Alonso and Glock would have been good picks too!

Last 3 Grands Prix


Raikkonen is in first place again – but is level with Barrichello, Vettel jumps up to third and Kovalainen drops to fourth.  Hamilton and Button are seventh and eighth due to inconsistent results, while Webber drops right down the order after two retirements on the bounce.  No wonder his championship chances are over :(

My Team

Well, I have climbed another eight places to 46th in the Sidepodcast League and stayed in 4th in the Pitlane Fanatic League. My team lies 260th overall which means I have climbed another 21 places. Not a bad week then, but how did my drivers do?

Adrian Sutil
Force India F1 Team
5.80m – 26 points

Jenson Button
Brawn GP
11.50m – 131 points

Robert Kubica
BMW Sauber F1 Team
5.40m – 101 points

Rubens Barrichello
Brawn GP
10.50m – 121 points

Sebastian Vettel
Red Bull Racing
11.70m – 141 points

Timo Glock
Panasonic Toyota Racing
6.40m – 161 points

So basically instead of some drivers doing well and others doing badly, I have all my drivers except for ‘Silly Sutil’ doing all right for once.  To be honest, Sutil’s mistake was so bone-headed I’m surprised Danny from Fantasy Racers didn’t just take all of his points away.

Well that’s your lot for this race then.  Button is looking good for the championship, but it’s far from over yet as I seem to remember Hamilton losing under similar circumstances in 2007 :(  As mentioned in my Driver Consistency Post, all he has to do is score 5 more points than Barrichello to be champion – although I don’t think it will happen in Suzuka.

One thing is for sure – I will be glad to return to a proper racetrack like Suzuka after all these silly Mickey Mouse tracks we have now – honestly, Singapore was such a bore!  After the first lap there was hardly any passing and in my opinion, it’s just a prettier version of Valencia.  Next week in Japan, the men should be sorted from the boys!!! :D

How did you find the race?  What do you think of the circuit?  How did your driver do today?  Do you think Button will win the championship in Suzuka or will it go down to the wire?  Your comments are much appreciated :)

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Racers – Singapore

  1. Haha, loving the sorry RG in there!

    I had a poor weekend and had some of the lowest scorers in my team. Mad a mistake by picking Grosjean I suppose. Glad I had Glock cos he was super awesome.

    Still light years behind you, 208th. Which is an improvement for me at least. Good work as well Gavin.

  2. Thanks for this article, its the first time I’ve seen your blog (so thanks for dropping the link too!), and I’m mighty impressed :)

    Do you finish watching the race and do a Dave Gorman style “Whats that done to the graph?”

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