2009 In Review – Fastest Laps

So far we have looked at Finishing Positions and Qualifying Performance, now it is time to look at Fastest Lap Performance.  But why do we want to focus on this when it seems to have no effect on the races or the championship?

Well, you have to be a fast driver to be a good driver, and in fact this speed is most useful on inlaps/outlaps when making pitstops.  So I decided to look at the absolute speed and rank them for each race just like I have in my previous posts.  Here are the results:



So Button ends up the fastest, but interestingly Webber pips Vettel and Barrichello into second place.  Rosberg is in fifth, and Raikkonen is faster than Massa.  Hamilton is comparatively low down the order, which surprised me, and Glock beat Trulli.  This is interesting because Trulli is known for his speed rather than his consistency.  There seems to be a larger gap between drivers in terms of fastest lap speeds over the other categories…

Fisichella’s outright speed is faster in a Ferrari and Badoer is made to look better by the fact that although he was slowest in both races he took part in, there were a lot of retirements in Spa.

Finally, a continuing theme through all of the Driver Data posts is that no rookie has beaten the guy that replaced him.

So, whilst this may not have too much meaning in the scope of driver performance, we have seen some interesting results here.  There is only one more category to evaluate now and that is Driver Consistency, which will be posted here soon.  Finally, I will be looking at a ‘weighted scoring’ method using all of categories evaluated in this series, so if you have any ideas on what the weightings should be, please let me know in the comments… ;)

2009 in Review – Qualifying Performance

This post is the next post in the series reviewing the 2009 F1 Season from the Drivers’ perspective.  The first post was on Driver Classification and can be found here.  This time, we shall look at qualifying performance.

Average Qualifying Position

As per last time, I have made an average of each driver’s qualifying positions for the races in 2009 that they took part in.  The field has been split into two parts for ease of reading.  Here are the graphs, which if you click on them a larger version will open in a new window:



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2009 In Review – Driver Classification

This post is the second in a series of posts designed to review the 2009 F1 Season by analysing the data from the races.  The first was on Fuel Usage Data for the engines and can be found here.  Originally I had planned to review all the driver data in one post, however I realised quite quickly that if I wanted to include all of the data then the post would be too long!

Therefore I have decided to split the posts into byte sized chunks of analyses for ease of reading – which I hope the lovely and learned readers of this blog agree is the right thing to do ;)

The first category I want to look at is Driver Classification – where the driver finished in a Grand Prix.  Rather than just look at average points scored, I thought it would be better to look at the average finishing position as it shows consistency in a better way.  I will also include average points scored graphs for comparison at the end.

Average Finishing Positions

So let us start by looking at the average finishing positions.  I have split the field into two for ease of viewing.  Here are the graphs:



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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Dear all readers of this blog,

Thank you so much for you readership and support in 2009 – your comments and ideas are what keeps this blog fresh and what keeps me making these posts.  I have really enjoyed working on this blog all year and it is a real pleasure to see what people are saying about it.  I am looking forward to new ideas and new partnerships in 2010 (more later) which should keep this blog entertaining and relevant.

I sincerely hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday period and that you get to enjoy the time spent with your friends and family.  I shall continue to work on my 2009 review posts in between Eating, Drinking and being Merry, so keep an eye out for that as I am sure you will like what you see.

Finally, I thought I’d link to one of my favourite Christmas songs – yeah I know it’s cheesy Xmas pop but you gotta love Slade.  The sillyness of the song matches my attitude and how I feel  about Christmas.

So have fun, and see you soon when I post again.


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2009 In Review – Fuel Usage Data

Quite a while ago I analysed the fuel consumption in the races over the season so far to see whether the fuel consumption figures quoted by the F1 Yearbook were correct.  At the time, I found that the F1 Yearbook figures were overestimating the stint lengths by about one lap on average.

So, now it’s time to revisit these figures.  This post forms the first of a series of posts reviewing the 2009 season with the other posts on teams and drivers – hopefully I will find the time to write them all before the 2010 season begins ;)

As a bit of background on the calculations, please click this link.  If you trust my numbers however, read on! :D

To eliminate erroneous data, all stints shorter than expected by more than three laps were removed because when I looked at the data, this seemed to be where most of the stops happened.  Anything more than three laps short was deemed to be a strategic stop or a repair stop and was removed from the data.  In addition, any race that was wet or had a safety car before the first pit stop was not considered as wet races lower fuel consumption and safety cars usually force drivers to pit early.

However, even with a clean dataset, when we align the predicted stints with the actual ones from the races, there seems to be a difference, as shown by the graph below:

2009 Fuel Use Race KG

This graph shows the average figure calculated from all the data collected vs. the F1 yearbook data.

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Thursday Thoughts – What F1 Needs For Christmas

It’s my turn to choose the topic for this week’s ‘Thursday Thoughts’ question – a blog series started by Sidepodcast and I chose to ask “What do you want to get F1 for Christmas and why?”

The reason I asked this is because I think Christmas is a time of giving and sharing – and with such a rollercoaster year in the sport, I think there are a few people in F1 that could do with some Christmas cheer ;) Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – An F1 Christmas

So, it’s my turn to choose the topic for this week’s ‘Thursday Thoughts’ question – a blog series started by Sidepodcast.

I thought long and hard about this week’s question and I have decided to go with a rather seasonal topic. You see, it’s Christmas, and this is the time of year which is all about giving and receiving. So my question for your Thursday Thoughts is:

What do you want to get F1 for Christmas and why?

Now, I’m gonna leave this as open as possible here – you can give your ‘gift’ to anyone in F1 – it could be:

  • A driver
  • A team member
  • Any other F1 personality
  • A team
  • A location
  • A blogger or a website/service
  • Heck, even the whole sport if you want!

So have a think, get writing and let me know what you think – you can post a comment here, link to your blog or maybe even comment on Sidepodcast if you ask Christine nicely ;)

I will write a post tomorrow night too – look out for that and I can’t wait to hear from you all ;)

Update: And here it is – enjoy ;)