2009 In Review – Driver Consistency

So far, in evaluating driver performances in 2009, we have looked at Finishing Positions, Qualifying Performance and Fastest Laps.  Now we have finally arrived at the last category – Driver Consistency.

This is a subject which is particularly interesting to me, because I have been analysing this for most of the year.  If you are new to this blog, why not catch up on some of these posts by clicking here?  Also, if you need reminding on how these figures are calculated, please click here.  Please note that no allowances have been made for differences between teams here and if you want a closer look at the charts, you can click on them for a larger version ;)

What I aim to do in this post is to present a series of charts.  The first two will split the field based on average rankings for 2009.  These are calculated by calculating a ranking for each driver based on his average lap time, summing all the races they competed in 2009 and then taking an average ranking.  So let’s have a look then:



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Castrol Driver Rankings

Now, this blog is primarily a statistics blog about F1, but sometimes I see stuff that is slightly off-topic and yet I feel I have to write about it and offer an opinion or two.

Today is such a day.

To much fanfare, AUTOSPORT have launched a new service called the ‘Castrol Driver Rankings’, which are apparently the definitive method of measuring who is the number one driver by using weighted rankings over some 47 series.

It sounds like a horrendously complicated system, but the way it seems to work is that various aspects of a driver’s performance in the races they participates in are scored and then a weighting is applied according to how prestigious the series is. If you would like to know more then check out their FAQ or watch this video:

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Plugtastic Time – F1 Minute

If you guys like F1 News and Podcasts… well you won’t find them on this blog ;)

However, my good friends over at Sidepodcast make some fantastic podcasts and also do F1 Minute – a great daily podcast made by Christine that talks about the best F1 news of the day – in just one minute :D

Sadly, because I am using the free version of WordPress, I cannot embed the F1 Minute player in the blog.  However, they have just started producing video versions of their podcast:

Over Christmas, we’ve been working on the idea of F1 Minute video. Similar to the minute’s worth of audio content you get every day, the video brings an added visual element to proceedings. We’re running a bit behind, because creating brand new video shows is not easy, but the first show is up and available for you to view now.

More info can be found on the new F1 Minute blog.  In the meantime, why not enjoy the first ever F1 Minute video right here?

Pretty cool eh?  I don’t know about you, but I like this idea very much and I think Christine and Mr. C. are going to make some very good videos :D