Melbourne – Qualifying Analysis

So we move to the second Grand Prix in Australia.  After the let down that was the season opener in Bahrain, many have looked to this Grand Prix to see if the lack of action was due to the circuit or the rules.  I don’t think we’ll see a definitive answer this weekend, but the talk in the paddock seems to have been dominated by the issue…

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Driver Consistency – Bahrain 2010

So it’s Driver Consistency time for the first time in 2010 – the Bahrain Grand Prix.

After a long and eventful off-season, much was expected in one of the most anticipated starts to the season in years. Who would be quick? Would Alonso usher in an era of success for Ferrari? Would Button or Hamilton get the upper hand at McLaren? How well would Schumacher do on his comeback at the age of 41? Would the new circuit layout improve the racing?

But by far the biggest question was how the ban on refuelling would affect the action on the track? Would it spice up the action and increase the passing on the track, or would the race become a dull procession?

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Bahrain Qualifying Analysis – First GP of 2010!

The action finally begins!  After all the drama, talk and hype of the off-season, we finally got to see the cars turn a wheel in anger today … and while we saw some things we expected, by golly we got some surprises too!

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Thursday Thoughts – On Blogging Itself

I have missed the last few weeks of this really interesting series for a variety of reasons – but while I may not have blogged an answer to the question, I often tried to comment on the blog where the question was asked.

However, because this is the final week of the off season (only a week to go guys!), this week is the final week of the Thursday Thoughts series – and the question is a brilliant one.  The final question, from Maverick of Viva F1 is:

Which blog article or articles have you written that you were most pleased with writing and why?

This is an excellent question, because it also ties up with something else I have been meaning to write here, but for various reasons never got round to it.

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Barcelona Testing Summary 2010

So that’s it then.  Pre Season Testing is over.  All the miles have been run.  All the cars have been shook down, all the new bits tested and all the qualifying and race simulations have been run.  But what have we learnt?  Are we any wiser about who will be quick or slow this year?

This post will attempt to summarise the information analysed in all four days of Barcelona testing.

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