Monaco – Driver Consistency

So… Monaco.  I had to drive and take a train across the country just to make it home in time for the race… but I did, and I plonked myself down on my mate’s couch with his big telly and watched it with a whisky and coconut water in hand and a nice meaty BBQ… Nice!

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Monaco – Qualifying Analysis

You may be wondering why I am writing my Monaco Grand Prix posts so late?  Well, I didn’t get to see qualifying because I attended a wedding on the weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix.  Also, I am still busy finishing off moving house, so I haven’t had the time to blog like I normally would have.

So if you want a recap of the action, check out AUTOSPORT or VivaF1.

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Fantasy Racers 2010 – Barcelona

Right, that was a really dull race.  Not that I am surprised – this race is traditionally devoid of overtaking and with the grid as it was after qualifying, there was not much that could have happened unless someone overtook another at the first corner.

There were a few incidents – notably Schumi with some excellent defensive driving against Button, Vettel having to nurse the car home, a couple of collisions and Hamilton crashing out of second place on the penultimate lap.  But on the whole the race was rather processional.

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Barcelona Qualifying Analysis

OK, I’ll admit it.  I didn’t see qualifying today.  It’s not that I’m bored with F1 or anything, it’s because a couple of weeks ago I moved cities, so I have been consumed with moving house.  It has been a long process that took a lot of effort, but it has gone very well.

The upshot of this is that I decided to spend the day tidying up (and entertaining family who came for dinner) with the view to watching it later.  When I saw that it was dry and the usual suspects were on top, I felt satisfied that a summary before today’s race would be sufficient…

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