Blogger Swap Shop Special – Greetings From the Land of Commercials

When the idea was first brought up to do this blog swap, I was stoked, but also immediately recognized I’d have to switch up my game a little as everyone was mostly Formula One oriented and also located “across the pond.” To top it off, I was slotted for Gavin’s great blog based around in-depth statistical analysis. If you ever read Grab Bag Sports, you know we will write about anything in as many ways as we can; so when Gavin initially told me I didn’t have to do statistical analysis, I wholeheartedly refused. What good would a blog swap be if I didn’t try to step out into a new territory?

Being the only member of this Blog Swap not from “across the pond” the last thing I wanted to do is come off as some dumb American who just loves dem NASCARs and thinks them Formula One things are weird. The fact is, I love all racing (though my personal favorite is IndyCar for the simply diversity in talent and tracks) but the truth is, being in the States makes being a fan of Formula One hard.

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