Sauber’s Sizzling Speed Stuns Smiling Spectators!

So that was the first Grand Prix of the year.  Not the worst or the best, but not bad either.  It was interesting to see who was fast and who was slow, whether the new technologies would help the racing out, but most important to me was how the new Pirelli tyres would degrade and what strategies the teams would employ with them. Continue reading

Turning The Amp Up To 2011!

Hey guys! Are you excited? I sure am!  I cannot wait for the action to begin tomorrow and like many others I have no idea what’s going to happen…

  • Will the speed of the Red Bulls give them domination?  Will tyre management be more important?
  • Will we ever remember the colours for each compound (Here’s a helpful song if you cant ;) )?
  • Will a racy or conservative driver be best over a Grand Prix distance? Continue reading

Too Much Racing!

No, don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of rant against the amount of racing on TV – rather an introduction to a series of posts I shall be writing every now and then. You see, my good friend PatW runs a game on his Too Much Racing website that basically asks you to pick some drivers from different series each week and then you score points based on how well they finished in their respective series. Continue reading