Vettel Wins Malaysia After Losing KERS

One of the main talking points after the hectic Malaysian Grand Prix (aside from the Alonso & Hamilton penalties) was the continuing troubles of Red Bull and their KERS.

On lap 29 we heard Vettel’s engineer Rocky tell him not to use the system any more.  This was after not being able to use the system at all in Australia.  Yet Vettel was still able to win the race at a canter, so how did it affect his lap times?

For comparison, I have compared Vettel’s lap times to those of Button, who finished in second.  This is because Vettel and Button were racing each other directly and also Webber may have also had KERS problems in the race, leaving some uncertainty over his true pace: Continue reading

Sauber’s Sizzling Speed Stuns Smiling Spectators!

So that was the first Grand Prix of the year.  Not the worst or the best, but not bad either.  It was interesting to see who was fast and who was slow, whether the new technologies would help the racing out, but most important to me was how the new Pirelli tyres would degrade and what strategies the teams would employ with them. Continue reading

Blogger Swap Shop Special – Greetings From the Land of Commercials

When the idea was first brought up to do this blog swap, I was stoked, but also immediately recognized I’d have to switch up my game a little as everyone was mostly Formula One oriented and also located “across the pond.” To top it off, I was slotted for Gavin’s great blog based around in-depth statistical analysis. If you ever read Grab Bag Sports, you know we will write about anything in as many ways as we can; so when Gavin initially told me I didn’t have to do statistical analysis, I wholeheartedly refused. What good would a blog swap be if I didn’t try to step out into a new territory?

Being the only member of this Blog Swap not from “across the pond” the last thing I wanted to do is come off as some dumb American who just loves dem NASCARs and thinks them Formula One things are weird. The fact is, I love all racing (though my personal favorite is IndyCar for the simply diversity in talent and tracks) but the truth is, being in the States makes being a fan of Formula One hard.

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Ferrari Fail Fumbling Fernando and Felipe!

So I didn’t watch the race live today, as I was out visiting friends and generally enjoying the summer weather.  But then I got an interesting couple of SMS’s from my mate who was at home watching it:

I wonder who chose Massa this week :-) (in his Fantasy Racers team ;) )

Did you just hear that? Massa was told Alonso is faster! WTF?

Damn it Massa let him pass.  This is s***!

Hmm.  Sounded like something controversial had happened.  So I caught some highlights when I got home and sure enough, I saw what happened.

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Blunder on the Orient Express

So you’ve probably seen by now that a few drivers had a little scuffle during the Turkish Grand Prix a couple of weeks ago ;)

Now, a lot has been said and written, lines have been drawn, but really nobody has properly explained what happened between the Red Bull and McLaren drivers which led to their respective incidents.  So I thought it would be a perfect reason to extract the data and look at the lap times… Continue reading

Monaco – Driver Consistency

So… Monaco.  I had to drive and take a train across the country just to make it home in time for the race… but I did, and I plonked myself down on my mate’s couch with his big telly and watched it with a whisky and coconut water in hand and a nice meaty BBQ… Nice!

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Fantasy Racers 2010 – Shanghai

That was a really fun race!  It was really great fun today and a classy win by Button.  There was action aplenty and racing through the field – although most of it was artificially caused by rain and Safety Car periods.  It would not have been such a good race had it stayed dry, but hey, if that’s what it takes to get an exciting race in 2010 then so be it.  We probably saw the best race of the year out there today.

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Driver Consistency – Malaysia

Note – this post was written the week after the Grand Prix due to the author being on holiday.  For posterity the post was written so that the data may be used in future Analyses…

So we got a full race then.  There was quite a bit of action on the track caused by faster cars coming through the field, so it was a fairly entertaining race.

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