Turning The Amp Up To 2011!

Hey guys! Are you excited? I sure am!  I cannot wait for the action to begin tomorrow and like many others I have no idea what’s going to happen…

  • Will the speed of the Red Bulls give them domination?  Will tyre management be more important?
  • Will we ever remember the colours for each compound (Here’s a helpful song if you cant ;) )?
  • Will a racy or conservative driver be best over a Grand Prix distance? Continue reading

Get Well Soon Robert!

I was shocked to wake up this morning to hear that Robert Kubica had a terrible accident in a national rally in Italy.  I have never heard of the Ronde di Andora Rally and I had no idea Robert was taking part in a rally.  Even more surprising is the fact that he was in a Skoda and not a Renault.

Anyway, he had a freak accident where after spinning off the road and hitting a wall, the car slid into an armco barrier, which seems to have impaled the car and caused horrific injuries to Robert’s right foot, hip and more crucially, severed his hand.  His co-driver walked away unscathed. Continue reading

Barcelona Testing Summary 2010

So that’s it then.  Pre Season Testing is over.  All the miles have been run.  All the cars have been shook down, all the new bits tested and all the qualifying and race simulations have been run.  But what have we learnt?  Are we any wiser about who will be quick or slow this year?

This post will attempt to summarise the information analysed in all four days of Barcelona testing.

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F1 Testing 2010 – Barcelona Day 4

So here we are then. The final day of testing. The last chance to develop and shake down the cars before the teams pack up all the gear and send it off to Bahrain.

Guys, the first Grand Prix of the season is less than two weeks away now! After what seems to have been a long and eventful off-season, it’s almost time for the action to begin. But first, let’s look at the final day’s action. Note that I will write a summary post of all the Barcelona action in the next couple of days, but this post will only focus on Day 4.

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F1 Testing 2010 – Barcelona Day 3

We move on to Day 3 of testing at Barcelona, a difficult day to judge as the weather conditions were changeable.  Nevertheless, I have still made the usual graphs for you.  Before we begin, why don’t you take a look at the action on Day 1 and Day 2, If you haven’t already?

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F1 Testing 2010 – Barcelona Day 1

Today, testing started in Barcelona – this is in fact the last week of testing before the season begins (can you believe this is just over two weeks away? :D ).

As this is a circuit that is on the Grand Prix Calendar, and because it is the final test, this tends to be taken more seriously by the F1 teams.  They tend to go for long runs and fastest laps, not just shakedown and reliability testing.  Therefore, we can finally do more than just speculate over the times as we can get an idea of how fast each car was.  It is still not definitive however, so I ask you all to take what you see here with a pinch of salt and make your own conclusions…

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