Fantasy Racers Explained…

So some of you may have heard of a little browser-based game called “Fantasy Racers” – but for those of you who haven’t, it’s a cool game where you start with a budget of $40 million and have to “buy” drivers who score points for your team.

Anyway, for more info please visit the website here.

As part of my participation in the Sidepodcast and Pitlane Fanatic Leagues I have decided to make a spreadsheet using all the driver values such as points scored, driver values and driver selections to see how well each driver is doing and who is worth picking or dropping…

Various people use various systems to pick their teams: some pick with their heart, some pick theirs based on Friday Practice, some pick on race results and some pick theirs using top secret super-complicated systems. Me? I picked 6 decent drivers at the start of the year and I always seem to get three who do well and three who do poorly – so my system is purely based on mediocrity!

Anyway, I did promise to include Fantasy Racers Stats on this blog and I will collate data on the following:

Driver Scores for the Grand Prix

Quite easy this one – I take the scores posted by Danny according to their rules after the Grand Prix and make a nice graph out of it…

2009 Fantasy Racers Driver’s Championship

This is a graph calculated by taking the cumulative Fantasy Racers points scored in each race for the season so far and making a line graph of the top 8 in the championship – the graph looks super pretty with all the colours too ;)

Average Points Per Race

I take the cumulative points scored in the season so far and divide by the number of races to give a good idea over a season how well a driver does…

Points Per Million

(Note: Driver values are constantly changing due to previous success and amount of team picks – but the values for each driver are ‘set’ at the Friday deadline for driver changes to a team. Therefore the average of these values were taken in this calculation.)

Now this is the big one: how much is a driver worth in terms of how many points he scored versus how much he cost? In other words, which drivers are the best value for money?  Well, Points Per Million is calculated as “Number of Points Scored in the season” divided by“Average Cost over the course of the Season”.  What is surprising is that not all the successful drivers are the best value for money – Sebastian Bourdais may well have been sacked but he is still better than two other drivers, for example!

Anyway, it’s an interesting way to look at a driver selection and from the European Grand Prix onwards I will also look at some more ways of looking at the data – Kathi requested that I look at “Points Per Million” per race and Maverick wants me to focus on more recent form, so watch this space for new and exciting ways to help you win in Fantasy Racers!

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