I used to have a blog roll, but it got too long and I wanted to also explain why I have linked to these blogs.  So I thought I’d go into a bit of detail on why I chose these links and why you should visit them…

…and another thing…

A great site from the Eurosport commentator and master of the rant, Mr. Martin Haven.  His posts make for very interesting reading…


This is a great blog on all things F1 by Jack Sargent.  If you want an F1 blog with a broad mix of topics from the history, the drivers, the teams, the races and much, much more then go and check out his site.  He also loves people writing guest posts for him (I have even written a couple ;) ), so if you have something to say, get in touch with him and I’m sure he’ll be keen to have you :)


Written by Harry, a blog about the travels of an F1 fan attending every race this year.  If you want to know what it’s like to attend an F1 race, then you have to read this blog!


Quite simply one of the best places for F1 info out there.  Ollie’s attention to detail is quite amazing – he collects some very detailed and he quite often manages to collect stats and info that even the official timekeepers miss!  An invaluable resource and to be honest, I simply couldn’t have written some of my blog posts without it!

Bruno Mantovani

Bruno hails from Brazil and makes some very funny cartoons about F1.  His caricatures such as ‘BarrichelloMonster’ and others are very amusing!

Clip The Apex

I didn’t join this site until recently but it looks to me like a decent F1 Community site.  The reason I joined was because I was referred there by someone else and it has a decent looking stats forum ;)

F1 Badger

Their tag line reads ‘Because F1 isn’t boring’ (which it isn’t, of course ;) ) and these guys operate a humorous and well-informed website.  Their ‘Podium or Pits’ column and ‘Goodnight Horse’ podcast are well worth checking out.  So why not make a visit the boys and girls at the Sett?

F1 Centric

Rich’s F1 Blog.  He writes some very interesting posts with some good opinions…

F1 Community

A great place to submit and trawl through masses of links to F1 News stories.

F1 Fanatic

An F1 community site – Keith who runs it seems to do a great job of collating info from a lot of sources.  The forum is quite an interesting place too.  Keith has just announced that he has quit his day job to run the site full-time, which I wish him all the best with :)

F1 India Blog

Added by request – I have had a look at this blog and it looks like a very neat and tidy commentary from an Indian F1 fan’s perspective.  As I know a few Indian F1 fans and they are very passionate about the sport, then this should be a blog to watch out for!

F1 Minute

Tired of spending all day trawling around websites for F1 news? Then you need to listen to F1 minute – where Christine from Sidepodcast hosts a roundup of the day’s F1 news in – you guessed it – one minute!

F1 Tailpipe

This site was originally set up by Adie, who says it started as an outlet for him to log his thoughts and opinions on the sport and has grown from it’s initial few pages to what it is today.  He even has plans to introduce a podcast in the near future!  Adie’s a big fan of the site and even has kindly linked to mine on his main page – so make sure you go and visit him as it’s a really great site…

F1 Wolf

An Asian-based F1 blog and community site.  There’s lots of cool info and news here and it’s quite a different take on things!

Fantasy Racers

Quite simply the best Fantasy F1 game out there – you can play casually or seriously – but if you are reading my Fantasy Racers round-ups, then you must be taking it seriously, right? ;)

Ferrari F1 World

A neat looking unofficial Ferrari website.  The author says “Before [he] launched the site, [he] was looking for a good source of Ferrari F1 content but struggled to find any superb sites. Ferrari F1 World was launched to fill this void and provide a top quality experience to the Ferrari fans from all around the world. The design features galleries, videos, downloads, latest news, team info and history in an interactive design.”

Formula 1 FanCast

They asked for a link and here it is… looks like quite an impressive site.  I have had a quick look and it seems to be some sort of fan-based F1 news and opinion site.  There’s no ‘About’ Page though ;)

Forza Toro Rosso

A great blog from a passionate fan about all things Toro Rosso.  Some very interesting posts and a good writing style means you’ll be hooked on this blog!

James Allen on F1

Former ITV commentator turned blogger, post-race interviewer and book writer.  The man is always inside the paddock and is one of the first to break a story.  Well worth a read if you want to find out if a story you heard is true or not.

Joe Saward’s GP Blog

Another great blog from a great F1 journalist – he attends every race and produces the excellent GP+ Magazine as well as writing for Motorsport Magazine.  Well-rounded opinions can be found here and he’s definitely an excellent and trustworthy source!

La Canta Magnifico

Alianora’s excellent F1 blog with lots of good opinions and some great stats too – Alia also does some stuff like fuel corrected lap times.  It’s thanks to her I have the fuel consumption figures too ;)


A great news, testing and fan hub with an excellent blog and some great articles –  go check it out now!

McLaren Fan Blog

Steve’s blog from the Silver Arrows.  A great place to go for all things McLaren – and he’s a fan of the blog too, so show your support!

Motorsport Musings

Dank’s new blog, after deciding to try something new when he wound up the Red Bullog.  He’s not sure what it will be about yet, but if you are familiar with his writing style, you know we are in for something interesting…


A funny take on F1 news.

Pitlane Magazine

Starting in March 2010, this will be a weekly magazine with a wide range of F1 articles – including contributions from this blog ;)

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Forum

The site promotes itself as an unofficial Ferrari supporters group and whose aim is to be a hub for all fans of the Scuderia.  I have added them because I discovered the site after they referenced some of my work from this blog – and the site looks very interesting!


Quite simply the best F1 community on the web – run by the energetic duo of Christine Blachford and the mysterious “Mr. C”, this website is a blog, a podcast, a live show, a chat room and a fantastic community all rolled into one.  I can’t say enough good things about this site – they also take credit for helping and encouraging me to start this blog (which I am really grateful for).  Honestly, if you want to hang out with a great bunch of F1 fans who are also very happy to go “off topic”, then you must check out this site!


Christine from Sidepodcast’s personal blog.  I quite like her writing style and her subject choices are very interesting – from indoor gardening and movie reviews to her take on technology.  Well worth subscribing to :)


Alex’s F1 site.  Home of the SofaF1 championship where you have to predict the Pole Position and the top eight finishers for the race.


A really funny F1 humour site – go check it out, it will make you laugh like a drainpipe!

The Blog of an F1 Loonie

This blog, run by James, is named after a certain former figure of authority’s take on a breakaway series in F1.  A collection of thoughts and opinions on whatever takes James’ fancy.  Well worth a read…

The Buxton Blog

Blog of Will Buxton, F1 Journo.  Seems quite well connected…

Too Much Racing

PatW runs a blog which chronicles his addiction to all things with wheels.  If you want to find out the weekend’s schedule of racing or live blogs of F1 and Indycar races, then pop over for a visit.

USA Formula 1 Journal

Formed by a trio of passionate and experienced F1 fans from the United States, this blog is full of great articled from a fresh perspective across the pond.  Also, they have just started writing some very technical articles, so if that rocks your boat, then you are gonna love this site!

Viva F1

Formerly ‘Pitlane Fanatic’ – a great F1 community site – and home of the excellent and fiendishly difficult ‘Pitlane Fanatic’ Quiz on Wednesday nights.  Have a go, but be prepared to be stumped by the questions!

What Gets My Goat…

Some crazy dude called RubberGoat couldn’t get enough with one blog about F1 so he got another where he posts random crap from time to time… ;)

So there you have it.  This page will be continually updated so keep checking back for a choice list of links!

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