Bloggers’ Swap Shop: The Return

So it’s the off-season in F1 and the news and activities have started to die down… so what better time for VivaF1 to launch another Bloggers’ Swap Shop?  This time I have written a guest post for F1 Weekender, and Christine Blachford from Sidepodcast has written a great post, which will be uploaded here soon.

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - NOVEMBER 19: Pirelli F1 Tyres being prepared during the Formula 1 Pirelli Tyre Testing at the Yas Marina Circuit on November 19, 2010 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Andrew Hone/Andrew Hone/Getty Images)

Tired of the off season already?

Check them out – and the others too, as it’s a great idea and always produces some quality content Smile

Collaborative Blogging

As you may know, I like to comment on a website called Sidepodcast.  In a post by Christine about Sebastian Vettel and his recent cheery upswing in his mood, Stuart Taylor asked the following:

Anyone know the lowest position an eventual champion has been in with 5 races to go? Lower than 5th?

Well, he thinks he can do it…

Journeyer read the comment was inspired to write a brilliant post about whether it was possible to win the championship when you are lower than 5th in the standings (as Vettel is this year).  The resulting post is here, which I helped him out with by making a few graphs.  In my opinion it’s a really good read and well worth checking out.  The only downside is that this man will not start a blog!

So hop on over to Sidepodcast now and have a read of Journeyer’s post.  I will be back soon with tales from the Belgian Grand Prix ;)

The link: 5 and 3/4: Looking Back at Title Standings with 5 Races to Go and at the 3/4 Mark of the Season

Blogger Swap Shop Special – Greetings From the Land of Commercials

When the idea was first brought up to do this blog swap, I was stoked, but also immediately recognized I’d have to switch up my game a little as everyone was mostly Formula One oriented and also located “across the pond.” To top it off, I was slotted for Gavin’s great blog based around in-depth statistical analysis. If you ever read Grab Bag Sports, you know we will write about anything in as many ways as we can; so when Gavin initially told me I didn’t have to do statistical analysis, I wholeheartedly refused. What good would a blog swap be if I didn’t try to step out into a new territory?

Being the only member of this Blog Swap not from “across the pond” the last thing I wanted to do is come off as some dumb American who just loves dem NASCARs and thinks them Formula One things are weird. The fact is, I love all racing (though my personal favorite is IndyCar for the simply diversity in talent and tracks) but the truth is, being in the States makes being a fan of Formula One hard.

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Ferrari Fail Fumbling Fernando and Felipe!

So I didn’t watch the race live today, as I was out visiting friends and generally enjoying the summer weather.  But then I got an interesting couple of SMS’s from my mate who was at home watching it:

I wonder who chose Massa this week :-) (in his Fantasy Racers team ;) )

Did you just hear that? Massa was told Alonso is faster! WTF?

Damn it Massa let him pass.  This is s***!

Hmm.  Sounded like something controversial had happened.  So I caught some highlights when I got home and sure enough, I saw what happened.

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Fantasy Racers Canada

So, it’s time for my Fantasy Racers Analysis again.  Canada was a brilliant race – another classic that will be remembered as one of the best races of the season.

This race had everything – overtaking, strategy changes, passionate fans… I think it’s safe to say that Canada has been missed when it was not on the calendar!

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