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Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Ideas for Posts?  If you have something to say and don’t quite know the right place to post the comment then post it here and I’ll answer it!

If you have any ideas for posts, comments on the layout, graphs or calculation methods… or anything to do with the blog then be my guest!  :D

29 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. Hi there from New Zealand.
    Great blog, i jumped on after hearing your interview on sidepod cast (I think). Just a thought, is it possible (given availability of stats and track changes e.t.c.) to do a comparison of drivers from different eras. E.g. Schumi Vs Senna Vs Fangio or others.
    Keep up the great work.

    P.s. I like the comparison between team mates.

    • Hey dude – fellow Kiwi’s are always welcome ;)

      I will have a look at that one – sounds like a very interesting idea but it will be difficult. Let me have a look during the off-season and maybe I can come up with something!

  2. Heyy Gavin, Jordan Wilman here from sidepodcast. Just letting you know that u have a really cool blog and I herd about it from your podcast with Steven Roy. I really like how you display things like Q3 times and records of drivers from australia onwards in graphs. It is really cool to look at them and see how far or close people are to eachother. Anyway, really like your blog and might make one myself, any ideas of websites to go to to create a blog?? Thanks a lot! p.s. what is your skype name?? :O Cheers! :)

    • Hey Jordan,

      Glad you like the blog – especially the graphs because I spend a lot of time wondering whether they are clear and concise enough…

      If you wanna start a blog, and are good places to start. At the moment I prefer WordPress because it shows a lot of different page stats and commenting seems easier – but I use Windows Live Writer to write the posts because I find it easier to write offline and in the theme it will be published in.

      Thanks for the comment, if you want to find me on skype, just look for ‘rubbergoat’ ;)

  3. Hi Gavin,

    I too heard about your blog on Steven Roy’s interview. It’s great reading – keep it up.

    I would be interested in any analysis of Kimi – he seems to be very ‘in the background’ now but consistently doing well. How does he fare compared with the other front runners?

  4. hi gavin, i’m a faithful sidepodcast listener and love your blog especially your driver consistency posts. as a suggestion, how about taking a crack at predicting race pace of teams during the free practice sessions. in monza we saw brawn go from nowhere in FP to a very strong qualifying and race pace.

    • Hey dude,

      I think you just answered your own question – it is almost impossible to do because the teams do not run the same pace in FP as quali. Some run heavy, some light, some long and some short.

      Therefore you cannot make any predictions for race pace as you cannot compare apples with apples. The only time you can do this is with fuel-corrected pace and fuel weights after qualifying I reckon…

      • sir rubbergoat, thanks for the reply. i thought perhaps might be some statistical gems to mine in FP times, but it was of course a long shot. thanks!

  5. Hi Gavin,

    Amazing blog. I’m just looking through some of your older posts at the moment. This is perfect for me, I’m a bit of a stats nerd :)

    I’m also enjoying comparing stats from old races to newer ones.

    The only improvement I’d make would be to make it easier to browse old posts. At the moment, you can only do it by month, somewhere where you can just get a list of all the posts ever in a long list would be great. It confuses me if you’re browsing posts near the break in the month, you can’t click previous/next to get over the break in the month…..

    That not withstanding, awesome blog, really enjoying exploring it. All the best with it :D

    • Hi Alison,

      Thank you for your kind comment and suggestions. Regarding the searching, The Monthly Archives box came with the theme. There are a few things you can try:

      1. You can click on a link to the previous post at the end of the post you are reading.

      2. You can use the Search box if you are looking for something in particular.

      3. If you want to have a list of all posts, try entering the % character as a search and it seems to generate a list for all of them.

      I know it’s not perfect, but I hadn’t put much thought into searching until now. I’ll have a good look at it during the off-season and see if there are any other ways to make it better ;)

  6. Here’s an idea:
    Since the refuelling ban makes the qualifying fuel analysis redundant, how about a post after each weekend (or maybe every 3 or 4 races it is easier) comparing the time gaps between teams?
    I think this will be really interesting to follow because of all the changes:
    – which of the new teams will catch up to the main field, if any?
    – will the changes at McLaren, Williams, Sauber have an effect on their development pace?
    – Toro Rosso building their own car, and Force India should be able to capitalise on both this and all the above.
    I am not sure if you would take fastest laps or include qualifying data? Wet running would have to be excluded. If there was time, you could even set up a baseline from winter testing, and even the change between Abu Dhabi and the winter tests although with the rule changes perhaps this is less meaningful.

    • I like it – I have done it in the past for drivers and I could certainly do it for teams as well. If I looked at it as a percentage that might get around the issue of wet races.

      It would be possible to do this for both intra- and inter- team I reckon!

  7. mate can you do a graph with average q1 and q2 qualifing position. as there will be no cars full of fuel in 2010 it might be an interesting stat

    • That’s awesome! Thak you so much for the compliment and adding me to your links page – I have added you too ;)

      For those who do not know FerrariF1Forum, it’s an excellent Ferrari blog and a great forum, so check it out if you are a fan of the Reds :D

  8. Hello,

    We’re putting together a back page graphic on the new formula one cars for tomorrow’s Guardian sports section and were hoping to use some of the data from your fuel consumption chart. Obviously we wouldn’t want to do this without your consent, but we would need to know in the next hour or two if we are to use them. You can reach me at . If you send me your phone number I’m happy to call straight back!



    • Apologies – just re-read that last message and realised the phone number request makes it read like an advertising post. If you don’t want to send your phone number to a total stranger (wouldn’t blame you!) then equally if you drop me a line at the above email address I can send you a number you can call us on.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Many thanks for the request – of course you may use the data. I would really appreciate it if you can put some kind of link to my blog or some other mention though…

      Apologies if I didn’t get back to you in time – I was having my dinner and replied via email as soon as I saw it ;)


  9. Hi there,

    I am contacting you on behalf of FxPro as we have just launched a new game that combines the currency market with F1 racing.

    It can be played at:

    Thought you, and your readers may be interested in it as there are some great F1 prizes to be won!



  10. Hi,

    There 2 ideas I am too lazy to work on, but I think might result in insightful results.
    a) “grid-points vs race points”. Easy: calculate how many points would each driver get assuming they finish in grid order. It would give you a hint on who makes the best of races. It should be done on a rolling basis (every race)
    b) grid-position vs race-position. Calculate the correlation between grid position and race position. It will likely have a lot of variance and most likely would need long series (perhaps since when this Q1-Q2-Q3 format was implemented, but separating this season, as last season you had fuel advantage and now only tyre advantage). The question is: is it better to start from 11th position than from 10th? (as you have more strategic flexibility) The other question is: Is it better to start-off from 3rd (the “clean side”) or from 2nd? (same for 5th vs 5th, etc)



  11. Hiya there. Is there any way getting in touch with you. Add me on your twitter (@f1enigma) pls so we can chat or reply directly to this post (email)

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