Fantasy Racers – Turkey 2011

Another fantastic race, eh? I missed watching it live, but managed to watch it later without knowing the result.  And I must say that I am really loving F1 this year!

But how did you all do in Fantasy Racers?  Let’s see which drivers were the best value for money:


Not surprisingly, it’s Vettel who tops the list – but very surprisingly Kobayashi and Buemi are very close behind – remember these guys have the potential for a decent finish, but have been unlucky so far this season.  Great job if you picked those two!  The McLaren drivers seem to suffer a lot when they do badly – which suggests that their values either fluctuate too greatly or they are overvalued.  A bad race for you if you picked Schumacher, Massa or di Resta, along with Glock who all had bad results and therefore did not score as well as hoped.

Over the last three races, this is what the PPM average out to:


I suppose one good or bad result can make a big difference, but it’s only to be used as a form guide anyway.  Interesting that the midfield drivers are mixing it up with the front running teams though!  The next race (Spain) is the fifth race of the season, so maybe I’ll start taking a look at the average for the last 5 races and see if that makes a difference?

So just a quick one from me – let me know how you did and if you plan on making any transfers.  Remember that the deadline is at 5pm GMT on the Friday of the Grand Prix!

Fantasy Racers – China 2011

Well that was a fantastic race, wasn’t it?  Sorry for the late posts, but I went away for the Easter weekend and decided to wait until after I came back before writing as there is an extra week’s break before the Turkish GP anyway.

The scores have been up for a while on the Fantasy Racers website, so check them out if you haven’t already.  This time I shall focus on the Points Per Million for the Chinese Grand Prix and as an average for the first three Grands Prix. Continue reading

Fantasy Racers – Malaysia 2011

Well that was a very action packed, chaotic and exciting race!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :)

Anyway, now the results have been adjusted for Hamilton and Alonso’s penalties, check out the scores on the Fantasy Racers website.  As per the last race in Australia, we are going to focus on Points Per Million, which is best explained at the end of this post. Continue reading

Fantasy Racers – Australia 2011

So hopefully you are all playing Fantasy Racers again this year – if not, head over to the website and sign up because it’s lots of fun!

Now that the scores have been finalised for Australia (Sauber’s Disqualification has been included), we can take a quick look at the Points Per Million scores: Continue reading

Turning The Amp Up To 2011!

Hey guys! Are you excited? I sure am!  I cannot wait for the action to begin tomorrow and like many others I have no idea what’s going to happen…

  • Will the speed of the Red Bulls give them domination?  Will tyre management be more important?
  • Will we ever remember the colours for each compound (Here’s a helpful song if you cant ;) )?
  • Will a racy or conservative driver be best over a Grand Prix distance? Continue reading

Fantasy Racers Canada

So, it’s time for my Fantasy Racers Analysis again.  Canada was a brilliant race – another classic that will be remembered as one of the best races of the season.

This race had everything – overtaking, strategy changes, passionate fans… I think it’s safe to say that Canada has been missed when it was not on the calendar!

Hamilton overtaking Alonso for the lead … yes, you read that correctly ;) Continue reading

Fantasy Racers – Turkey

So – My Fantasy Racers post was not made for Monaco because I simply ran out of time (as mentioned earlier).  But I have decided to write a ‘slimmer’ version of the stats, which I will try and do for each race.

The Turkish Grand Prix was one of the best races of the year, but I will discuss that in another post as I want to look into the Red Bull and McLaren incidents separately ;)

Continue reading

A Little Housekeeping…

Just over a year ago, I started this little blog with the idea of looking into the Grands Prix from a perspective that was a little different – I would look at the data from the Grands Prix, analyse the numbers and look into things in ways that may not have been tried before.

Since then, I’ve been given great ideas for posts, some of which have become regulars, and others which have been enjoyed by readers of the blog.  Some have even been translated into different languages and I have also had some lovely comments made about them.  So thank you to all of you who have read, commented, linked, translated or mentioned my posts – as I have really enjoyed analysing, writing, and sharing the content with you.  I had no idea how well it would turn out, but I’m really happy with how it has :) Continue reading

Fantasy Racers 2010 – Barcelona

Right, that was a really dull race.  Not that I am surprised – this race is traditionally devoid of overtaking and with the grid as it was after qualifying, there was not much that could have happened unless someone overtook another at the first corner.

There were a few incidents – notably Schumi with some excellent defensive driving against Button, Vettel having to nurse the car home, a couple of collisions and Hamilton crashing out of second place on the penultimate lap.  But on the whole the race was rather processional.

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Fantasy Racers 2010 – Shanghai

That was a really fun race!  It was really great fun today and a classy win by Button.  There was action aplenty and racing through the field – although most of it was artificially caused by rain and Safety Car periods.  It would not have been such a good race had it stayed dry, but hey, if that’s what it takes to get an exciting race in 2010 then so be it.  We probably saw the best race of the year out there today.

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