2009 In Review – Fastest Laps

So far we have looked at Finishing Positions and Qualifying Performance, now it is time to look at Fastest Lap Performance.  But why do we want to focus on this when it seems to have no effect on the races or the championship?

Well, you have to be a fast driver to be a good driver, and in fact this speed is most useful on inlaps/outlaps when making pitstops.  So I decided to look at the absolute speed and rank them for each race just like I have in my previous posts.  Here are the results:



So Button ends up the fastest, but interestingly Webber pips Vettel and Barrichello into second place.  Rosberg is in fifth, and Raikkonen is faster than Massa.  Hamilton is comparatively low down the order, which surprised me, and Glock beat Trulli.  This is interesting because Trulli is known for his speed rather than his consistency.  There seems to be a larger gap between drivers in terms of fastest lap speeds over the other categories…

Fisichella’s outright speed is faster in a Ferrari and Badoer is made to look better by the fact that although he was slowest in both races he took part in, there were a lot of retirements in Spa.

Finally, a continuing theme through all of the Driver Data posts is that no rookie has beaten the guy that replaced him.

So, whilst this may not have too much meaning in the scope of driver performance, we have seen some interesting results here.  There is only one more category to evaluate now and that is Driver Consistency, which will be posted here soon.  Finally, I will be looking at a ‘weighted scoring’ method using all of categories evaluated in this series, so if you have any ideas on what the weightings should be, please let me know in the comments… ;)