Fantasy Racers – China 2011

Well that was a fantastic race, wasn’t it?  Sorry for the late posts, but I went away for the Easter weekend and decided to wait until after I came back before writing as there is an extra week’s break before the Turkish GP anyway.

The scores have been up for a while on the Fantasy Racers website, so check them out if you haven’t already.  This time I shall focus on the Points Per Million for the Chinese Grand Prix and as an average for the first three Grands Prix. Continue reading

Fantasy Racers – Australia 2011

So hopefully you are all playing Fantasy Racers again this year – if not, head over to the website and sign up because it’s lots of fun!

Now that the scores have been finalised for Australia (Sauber’s Disqualification has been included), we can take a quick look at the Points Per Million scores: Continue reading